Sen. Bob Casey supports filibuster reform

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey supports changing the way the filibuster works.

“I think reform is not unreasonable in light of recent history, and in light of the partisan gridlock,” the Democrat from Pennsylvania said in an interview earlier this month. “…. I think most Americans think you can bring about some reform without changing the character of the Senate.”

Casey said he would support eliminating the filibuster on motions to proceed.

“It’s a time saver … a time saver that doesn’t in any way diminish the minority’s role,” Casey said.

Casey also supports requiring what he has referred to as a “talking filibuster” – which he says would ensure real debate following a failed cloture vote. He described the Senate as “a unique legislative body, where you give the minority certain powers, certain rights. …I think we can reform the rules without destroying that.”